Brain Club – On Demand

Brain Health and Lifestyle Changes

Brain Club is a social and interactive class in which we explore the benefits of Lifestyle Changes for Brain Health. This first course of the series focuses on Nutrition and Brain Health. Subsequent courses will focus on Cognitive Exercises, Physical Exercise and other Lifestyle changes that are beneficial to Brain Health.

In Nutrition and Brain Health using the Brain Club method we will learn about

What to Eat, as well as When and How to eat:

  1. The MIND diet – the research based recommendations for a brain healthy diet
  2. Reading Food Labels – arming ourselves with information so we can make better choices while shopping for food.
  3. Sugar – the dangers of sugar on our brain and overall health, it’s prevalence and how it feels to get off it.
  4. Gut brain axis – exploring the ways that the gut and brain are connected and why gut health is important to brain health.
  5. Fermented foods – an exploration of certain fermented foods that can enrich the microbiome and thus improve brain and overall health.
  6. Microgreens – what are they, why are they good for us and how to grow them anywhere
  7. Tea – is tea good for your brain health? Are there other hers which can also be good for brain function?
  8. Fasting – when we eat matters as much or more than what we eat. How fasting works and why it is good for us.
  9. Mindful eating – benefits of mindfulness in eating.

This course is meant for anyone who is interested in improving their brain health but may be of special interest to seniors and those who have a family history of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. No previous experience is required to take this course.

What You’ll Learn

  • Lifestyle changes that help improve brain health
  • Learning what to eat and why
  • Learning how to eat and when
  • Empower yourself with knowledge so you can take charge of your own health

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