Use Your Brain. Use Coconut Oil

Our brains, one of nature’s finest machines, incessantly produce thoughts and memories. Our brain gives our body commands to keep us in gear but like every machine, the brain does need some oil, in this case coconut oil. There are many natural remedies for promoting brain health, but coconut oil may be one of the most affordable ingredients for maintaining your thinking machines. So how can coconut oil really benefit you? Here are five ways.

  • Coconut oil provides energy for your brain.

According to Cognitive Vitality coconut oil has medium-chain triglycerides(MCTs) which are used by the body to be converted into ketones that are vital sources of energy for the brain. This means that something as simple as cooking with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil can provide you the same tasty meal you’d make with another cooking oil with the added benefit of extra brain energy. 

  • Coconut Oil may help reduce seizures 

Remember those MCTs I mentioned? Well according to Healthline these triglycerides are also important in many ketogenic diets. Results from studies have been so promising that some doctors use coconut oil to induce ketosis and aid in the treatment of epilepsy. Studies are still being conducted, but we use a lot of oils for cooking, so why not use coconut oil for their possible benefits if you suffer from seizures?

  • It provides your brain with cholesterol

Now this may come as a shock because we normally think of cholesterol as a bad thing, but some cholesterol may be good cholesterol. According to Dr. David Perlmutter cholesterol is your brain’s buddy. Coconut oil provides a healthy source of cholesterol which helps maintain our brain. This promotes overall brain health. In fact, studies have shown that low cholesterol may increase the risk of suicide, depression, and dementia. So I’m not telling you to go eat foods high in cholesterol, but by using foods with healthy amounts of said nutrient, such as coconut oil, you may be getting the cholesterol needed for a happy brain. 

  • Coconut oil slows down your brain’s aging

Several studies have been conducted on the properties of coconut oil. One benefit seems to be that coconut oil can act as an antioxidant. What this means is that it reduces the effect of free radicals, which are chemicals that speed up our rate of aging and also the possibility of getting cancer. Coconut oil therefore helps to provide fats necessary that can protect your brain and prevent your brain cells from aging too quickly. 

  • Coconut oil helps your memory!

I saved this one for last because you tend to best remember the last thing you hear. But with coconut oil, you might be able to remember more than the last topic of conversation. While studies aimed at showing a correlation with coconut oil and the prevention/treatment of Alzheimer’s disease have not yet been conclusive, the evidence from these studies point to some benefits to memory with healthy amounts of coconut oil. Again, what do you have to lose by using coconut oil if it may aid in your memory and possibly prevent so many mental conditions?

If you don’t want to use coconut oil in your meals, there are also many supplements containing coconut oil. Some athletes even add small doses to their shakes to get those healthy fats which our bodies, especially our brains, need. So whether you plan to switch out your other cooking oils for coconut oil or buy coconut oil supplements you won’t be doing yourself any harm. In fact, you may be doing your brain a huge favor!


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